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How to use
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Massage breast for optimal results.

Step One:
Use your hand to stroke your breasts. Start from the dorsi area and sweep towards the centre. Repeat this action 8 times.

Step Two:
Stroke your breasts upward using both hands interchangeably and simultaneously. Repeat this action 8 times.

Step Three:
Gently repeat for 8 times, the upward cupping of your breasts using both hands.

Repeat step one to step three.

Applying Bust Defining Serum twice a day for three months is recommended for maximum results. Application should be reduced to once a day subsequently after the first three months.

Why I Need B.D.Serum? How does it work?

Why Do I Need Bust Defining Serum?
These are the major benefits of DermaCare Bust Defining Serum:

1. Lifts and firms breasts for a beautiful shape
2. Creates a ‘natural breast lift’
3. Refines and firms breast contours
4. Softer, smoother skin texture
5. More dramatic and younger-looking cleavage
6. No adverse effects or undesirable aesthetic results

How Does Bust Defining Serum Work?
Bust Defining Serum contains premium Pueraria Mirifica extract that are made up of 2 major components - isoflavones and miroestrol. Isoflavones trigger the production of estrogens (female hormones) that helps in the transmigration of fats from other parts of the body to the breast. Miroestrol helps in breast tissue reformation to achieve better elasticity thus resulting in a fuller and firmer breast.

Ducts branch out from the nipple to the interior of the breast, ending in clusters of lobules. Bust Defining Serum stimulates the lengthening and branching out of these ducts and hence the development of mammary tissues.

It also increases the fatty tissues and ligaments that provide support and shape to the breast. This will help to firm your breasts and enhance your cup size. Moreover, it helps to maintain collagen which results in softer, smoother and more natural-looking breasts.

Bust Defining Serum Intro

Bust Defining Serum 健胸霜

DermaCare Bust Defining Serum is created to fulfill every woman's desire for fuller and firmer breasts. Its breakthrough formula consists of an advanced technology called Rapid Delivery System and a traditional Thai herb called 'Pueraria Mirifica'. Rapid Delivery System breaks down the ingredients in the serum to particles that are 15nm in size (2,000 times smaller than our skin pores), enabling them to pass through our skin pores effectively to be transported into the dermis area. This deep penetrating technology promises to enhance breast cleavage and firmness within the shortest time period.

Research has shown that Bust Defining Serum is able to produce results within just four weeks.

86.7% of users achieved at least a half cup size increment after four weeks of application.

A total of 600 female subjects aged between 22 and 65 were selected to participate in the study from March 2003 to February 2004, among which 350 were from Malaysia, 200 were from Singapore and 50 were from Thailand.

The collected data were analyzed under two categories - Lifting Effect of Breast After First 5 Minutes (measured by the lifted distance of nipple in centimetres as shown in Figure 1) and Breast Enhancement by Cup Size (measured after a few weeks as shown in Figure 2).